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Team – Who we are is an online service with CAD mechanical engineering projects. Almost all of these CAD designs are created by our team. Any project that you can find here for free or purchase has been developed, designed and published by one of our members.
Our team is a “pack” of engineers experienced  in engineering designing.

What we do – Our job

At we design devices, machines and products. Most of all in the field of wide-ranging mechanics. But not only. We work together to achieve the goal of making good projects for our customers. Detailed CAD products such as 3D models, 3D assemblies, 2D CAD drawings are developed by engineers with extensive experience. We design products for industry – for final recipients such as production plants, assembly plants, tooling workshops, small workshops and individual customers.

How do we do it – Our skills creates using CAD software. There are many CAD programs that support creation processes. For this purpose use Autodesk Inventor 2014. It is a fairly known program, present at universities, constantly being developed and which has many followers. We develop CAD designs in Inventor files 3D: .ipt, .iam, and 2D: .dwg. Documentation 2D is available in AutoCAD .dwg  format and .pdf to which we print all .dwg drawings.
In addition to the 3D Inventor formats, we save the complete projects in neutral 3D file formats: .stp, .stl, .dwf.

Why do we do this – Our aim

First of all we think our work is needed.

We often looked for solutions for the projects that we are running. Because we don’t know everything.

In addition, we believe that CAD-assisted design accelerates the creation and enhances access to modern solutions. Everyone can download any CAD project and use it in their own country. Users in Europe, America, Asia or Africa have the same access to our mechanical engineering projects, and this is good for everyone.

If you are looking for solutions for your project, looking for ready-made and proven designs for your production, or you are learning about the design of machinery and equipment – visit ust.

We hope to enable faster development, easier knowledge acquisition in those areas where science, technological advancement is needed.

Enjoy browsing! team