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DIY Welding positioner design – new set of CAD documentation

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3D assembly with complete mechanism + 2D CAD DWG drawings
Standarized parts as bearings, screws, washers inside project folder.
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Turntable welding positioner CAD design

The newcomer CAD project for download from papacad.com.

   Welding rotor for pipes and other cylindrical parts. The rotator is equipped with an electrically rotated table with a diameter of 600 mm. The table has milled grooves in accordance with the commercial tooling. The rotation is carried out using an electric motor controlled by an inverter. And the inclination of the table is manual by screw and a knob.

The CAD design welding rotator was creaate in Autodesk Inventor. Calculations regarding drive power, table axis strength and bearing capacity are attached to the project. Just like in our other CAD projects, all purchase parts, fastening, construction, etc. are compliant with ISO standards. Each part has been modeled individually.

Welding positioner design description

  • welding positioner design – maximum weight capacity  – 300kg (660lb).
  • table powered by gearbox and electric engine
  • manual angle adjustment – trapezoidal screw
  • permissible operational weight 300kg, maximum 25 rpm.

3D CAD model & welding turntable plans description

Welding table plans – CAD design have been prepared in 3D AUTODESK Inventor 2014 by our team papacad.com. Project includes all necessary 3D parts. All 3D models are editable, with given material properties. Components are grouped in the assemblies and subassemblies according to their functions in the real product.

  • 3D Inventor 2014 assembly – 178 3D parts and total occurrences
  • main assembly contains: 
  • 2D Inventor DWG assembly drawings – 92,5 [Mb]
  • 3D STEP + 3D STL+3D DWF – 24,5 [mb]
  • 2D DWG (2004) – 32 sheets in 32 DWG files – 9,5[Mb]
  • 2D PDF – 32 sheets in 25 files- 4,7[Mb]

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