Scissor lift design – DIY Scissor lift table 1000kg

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Hydraulic scissor lift table plans – CAD 3D and 2D complete project / DIY Scissor lift table

3D CAD model & 2D DWG scissor lift table plans description:

  • 3D Inventor 2014 assembly – complete BOM lists
  • main assembly contains: individual solid 3D parts and subassemblies
  • 2D Inventor DWG assembly drawings – 29 sheets in 21 files
  • 3D neutral CAD files format: STEP, STL, DWF – 3 files
  • 2D DWG AutoCAD drawings (Mechanical 2004) – 29 sheets in 29 files
  • 2D PDF prints from DWG drawings – 29 sheets in 21 files

DIY scissor lift table project – Scissor lift mechanism 1000[kg], lifting height: 270[mm] – 1910[mm]

Presenting Scissor table lifter CAD design. Assembly have been created in 3D AUTODESK Inventor 2014 by our team Project includes all CAD 3D parts, necessary for implementation of complete product. Such as hydraulic actuators, bearings, screw connections.

Especially relevant is that all CAD 3D models are editable, given properties of materials. Components are grouped in the assemblies and subassemblies according to their functions in the real product. DWG CAD drawings also have been created in Inventor 2014. All files can be opened by  any modern CAD soft such: Inventor 2014 (native), AutoCAD 2014 (not lower), SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Catia, Creo, etc.

Complete documentation 2D DWG could be easy downloaded from our site and use to production. All CAD drawings fave title blocks, annotations, comments, dimensions, descriptions. Furthermore material data, technologiclal guidelines, accuracy, tolerances. etc.

Construction of scissor lift mechanism is based on welded steel frame. One C&C Hydraulics hydraulic cylinder single action and SKF bearings as rollers.  Our project of table scissor is available in a range finishes: from mild carbon steel, galvanised, aluminium or stainless steel. Permissible load 1000kg.

CAD design technical data:

  • load capacity – 1000[kg] (2205 [lb])
  • lifting height: min 310mm to max 2090mm
  • weight 220 [kg]
  • scissor lift mechanism – construction steel S355JR
  • hydraulic cylinder from C&C Hydraulics


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