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Licensing CAD designs free download and purchase projects
Terms of use

I. Definition of “papacad.com”

“papacad.com” is an internet shop (store) with downloadable CAD files in the field of engineering and mechanics.

Contents presented on the website are not affiliated in any way with content prohibited and harmful, such as:

– illegal software,
– harmfull software,

– license keys,
– intellectual property of other designers, engineers, creators, artists (3D and 2D CAD documentation, 3D models, graphics, music, code),

– intellectual property of other companies,
– pornographic, erotic, etc.

Content is the sole property of brand papacad.com and its owners.
All CAD files (products) available to download in the shop,( CAD drawings, 3D models, 2D drawings, graphics) have been created with legal software (Autodesk INVENTOR 2014).

II. Using of papacad.com

Using is free of charge. We don’t force you to register, or to watch advertising .etc.
– each user has  rights to use our service according to his own needs,
– autors do not publish and promote content prohibited by law and social norms, so there are no age restrictions,

III. Payments and Refunds

  • Payment is made in the way provided by the seller.
  • After receiving payment, order will not be proceed longer than 5 days ( traditional bank transfers ).
  • If you use payment gateways like PayPal, PayU, Stripe or other – a maximum one day.
  • For debit or credit card payments – a maximum of one day.
  • For the BLIK system – a maximum one day.
  • Customer has rights to funds return, that he has deposited when he purchasing the product. The condition to return is the lack of downloading the files by the customer.
  • Shop system informs the seller if the product in the offer has been downloaded, how many times and by whom. Therefore, an unambiguous analysis for return of funds is very simple.
  • Refund request for the the deposited funds can be sent by any means of communication convenient for the client, giving an order number and personal data. After positive consideration, the refund is made in full amount and without delay.

IV. Customer personal data and privacy policy

The administrator of your personal data (hereinafter: the Administrator) is:

Selreko Cadmechanika Sławomir Muraszko
ul. Zwycięska 14CA,
53-033 Wrocław
NIP (Tax number) : PL8842395612
REGON: 022351886

The Administrator can be contacted: in writing – by traditional mail to the following address:

Selreko Cadmechanika Sławomir Muraszko
ul. Zwycięska 14CA,
53-033 Wrocław

or via e-mail – smuraszko@selreko.pl

  • All customer data and activities are protected by our store system.
  • Our servers and software are up to date.
  • We only need your few private data to fulfill the purchased orders.
  • This is a minimum measure to comply with European Union law.
  • The data you provide will only be used to process the order.
  • We will not send you ads, newsletters, or spam.

V. Prohibitions

It is forbidden to:
– entering malicious code into site structure papacad.com,
– unjustified overloading the servers,

– illegal downloading files from  other unauthorized sites,
– impersonate brand papacad.com, owner and creators,

– publishing offensive comments in the product descriptions, posts, articles, etc.
– removing watermarks from images that are used to promote trade mark papacad.com.

VI. Licensing of using presented CAD designs

All presented products are the intellectual property of the creator and owner of the papacad.com site.
After buying or downloading  CAD files, user have rights to freely change and convert the downloaded data without exposure to allegations of copyright infringement.

papacad.com prepare and publish content to which  has exclusive rights.
Through the purchase or free download, rights to the CAD file and it’s free processing are transferred to the customer (user).

There is no restriction against removal brand marks from 3D models,  3D drawings  and 2D DWG drawings.

The only restriction is a prohibition of removing watermarks from images that are used to promote trade mark papacad.com.

VII. Responsibility

Service offers CAD designs free download and purchase projects. Therefore we encourage you to a detailed analysis of the offer. We strive to create clear and fair conditions for using the “fruits of our labor”.

Customer downloading or buying products (CAD designs) thru site papacad.com becomes entirely responsible for this product using.

The customer is obligated for respecting the principle of limited trust and is strongly obligated to verify the correctness of the CAD designs, especially in terms of structural strength, strength screw connections, welded joints, and safety usage.

Papacad.com has no liability from improper usage of the projects (products) that are provides on web service www.papacad.com.