Volume Doser – Inventor 3D CAD project download

     The 3D project of Volume Doser  is finaly released. I feel double satisfaction –  crossed established deadlines didn’t let me sleep vell. This machine is projected for food and chemical industry. It can dose viscous liquids as mayonnaise, ketchup, pastes, creams. Semi-automatic functionality is provided by pneumatic drive system basen on FESTO products, fast-action SPOOL VALVE from papacad and pneumatic 5/2 valve  (mechanic foot pedal) as steering device.  Assembly was modeled in Autodesk INVENTOR 2014 as usual.  Assembly contains high detail modeled components for produce department  and components from purchase such  as pneumatic actuators, one-way flow control valves, tubes and fittings from FESTO.

     Check new product: Volumetric Feeder – 3D CAD project, and 2D DWG documentation ready to download (purchase product)

Volume Doser

Volume Doser I

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    good job

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