3D CAD design – Volumetric filling machine – final works

Soon I will publish full 3D design semi-automatic  Volume Doser. This doser is used for filling containers (jars, cans, etc.).  Its base is a single dosing  column  driven by pneumatic cylinder, controlled by a foot valve. The operator places the container on the table and presses the pedal.


DV 1.5[dm3] – Volume doser


The device is made of stainless steel intended for the food industry. The model and documentation are made in an environment INVENTOR 2014. At this moment, work is underway on the preparation of full production documentation.
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6 comments on “3D CAD design – Volumetric filling machine – final works”

  1. omar says:

    i need cad file?

  2. Very good explanation. Thanks for your article about 3D cad designs

  3. Your article about cad design is so useful for us,thanks for sharing. Good stuff!

  4. frk says:

    still waiting dude.

    1. Slaw says:

      Complete production documentation (2D CAD drawings and 3D models) is ready for purchase:

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