Cleated belt conveyor design

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3D assembly with complete mechanism.
Standarized parts as bearings, screws, washers inside project folder.
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Available CAD files formats :

3D Inventor (2014) – 26,0[MB] (zip)

3D STP (214) + 3D STL – 10,0[MB] (zip)

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Cleated belt conveyor design

3D CAD project for download

Corrugated sidewall belt conveyor design (inclined belt conveyor, incline belt conveyor) – for transporting bulk goods. Transported material conveyed is protected from slipping down by transverse barriers.
Different feed and discharge directions are possible by rotating the vertical runs.

Design description

  • mechanism for transporting shredded parts
  • drive engine based on NORD
  •  maximum cargo weight on 1m: 30[kg]
  • Corrugated Sidewalls belt with V-Shape from SAMPLABELTING
  • control box from RITTAL

Model & documentation description

  • 3D Inventor 2014 assembly
  • main assembly contains: 783 individual solid 3D parts
  • 2D Inventor DWG assembly drawings – soon
  • 3D STEP
  • 3D STL
  • 2D DWG (2004) – soon
  • 2D PDF – soon


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