Snap-Off Knife – CAD models 3D free download

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3D assembly with full detals.
Standarized parts as bearings, screws, washers inside.

Download. Unzip the zip file. Go to the directory.
Run project file [.ipj], or
Run the STEP file [.stp].


Available CAD files formats :

3D INVENTOR (2014)
3D STEP. STL, DWF (203)

2D DWG – 2sheets/2 files

2D PDF prints – 2sheets/1file

zip file – 43,5MB



Snap – Off Knife CAD models 3D

Knife CAD models 3D & 2D CAD drawings description

  • 3D Inventor 2014 assembly (complete BOM list)
  • main assembly contains: 10 individual solid 3D parts
  • 2D Inventor DWG CAD drawings – 2 sheets/1 file
  • 3D STEP, STL, DWF – 3 files
  • 2D DWG AutoCAD Mechanical drawings (2004) – 2 sheets/2 files
  • 2D PDF from DWG AutoCAD Mechanical – 2 sheets/1 file

Knife 3D CAD model – Free download 3D STEP and Inventor models 

CAD models 3D of this project were created in Inventor 2014. You can freely download them, modify and  3D print  (All individual parts are solid 3D models in STL format).

This free 3D CAD design can be used for 3D printing. Maybe you are interested in more advanced free CAD design? If yes, try Conveyor Belt free design.

   CAD models 3D that we create, come from Autodesk Inventor version 2014. People who have this program and version 2014 or newer, can easily open our project, see the history of  operations and make their own changes. The same applies to 2D CAD documentation in Inventor DWG and AutoCAD DWG: projections in drawings are based on .asm and .prt 3D Inventor models. The descriptions in the title tables take parameters directly from 3D models via the so-called iProperties. It is a very convenient and very efficient way of creating 2D CAD detailed documentation. The descriptions in the tables are edited in “one place” using the Bill of Materials (BOM) function.

  To the set of 3D Inventor models and 2D flat drawings, we have also included models in 3D formats, allowing them to be opened and used with other 3D programs such as SolidWorks, Creo, Nx, 3DMax, Blender etc.. They are STEP, DWF and STL. STL is an unique format here, because it allows direct use in 3D printers without need for 3D CAD programs.


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