Welding Clamp – CAD design of 90 deg corner jig for pipe welding

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3D CAD assembly with complete mechanism + 2D CAD DWG+DXF drawings

Standarized parts as bearings, screws, washers inside project folder.

DownloadUnzip the zip file. Go to the directory.

INVENTOR : Run project file [.ipj]

STEP: Run STEP file [.step]

DWG+DXF: Run any DWG or DXF file (AutoCAD, ZWCAD, Inventor, DWG viewer etc.)


Available sets of CAD documentations:


90 deg Angle Welding corner clamp CAD design 

DIY gripper for angle welding

3D CAD models and 2D DWG drawings – technical, production documentation for download


Welding clamp plans description:

  • 3D Inventor 2014 assembly + 2D DWG files (also DXF files) – complete set of documentation – .zip file 39[MB)
  • main assembly contains: 22 individual solid 3D parts
  • 2D Inventor assembly DWG drawings – 7 sheets in 4 Inventor DWG files
  • 3D STEP + 3D STL + 3D DWF – 3 files – .zip file 2[MB)
  • handle clamp 2D DWG (2004) -7 AutoCAD sheets in 7 DWG  and DXF files – .zip file 3,2[MB)
  • 2D PDF – 7 sheets in 4 PDF file – .zip file 0,6 [MB)

Welding fixing clamp design description:

  • holding capacity up to 500[kg]
  • construction steel S235JR
  • galvanized plates and pins
  • oxidized screw and construction

   This CAD project we made entirely in Inventor 2014. It contains a full 3D assembly and each element in separate 3D models. Complete assembly 2D documentation in DWG Inventor format was create from 3D assembly and part models. We saved the 2D documentation in the AutoCAD DWG format.

  You have to your disposal: A complete 3D CAD design, including assemblies and individual 3D models of individual parts, as well as full 2D assembly and assembly documentation. In addition, PDF versions of all drawings and 3D models in STEP, DWF and STL formats. You can open those files in professional CAD softwares like Inventor, Nx or SolidWorks, but also likeways free programs like SketchUp, DWF viewer (AutoDesk Design Review), DraftSight.

DIY welding clamp for pipe welding – 2D drawings & 3D CAD models description

     We present a CAD project of a simple welding clamp for connecting pipes, into the an angle shape. The welding tool consists of three elements: a fixed base attached to the table, on which we place the joined elements, a movable frame and a trapezoidal screw for manual clamping. Screw has a 19mm hexagonal tip, which you can turned it with a hand or wrench size 19.

    This welding tool you can make of steel profiles and a section of a screw with trapezoidal or metric thread. However the only place where you need to use a lathe is to prepare the screw tip and nut set. Other operations you can carried out on a saw, drill and using a welder. Moreover, this project you can use as DIY project for any who is interested. If you are interested see also other our CAD designs of other tools and holders. For instance see Welding positioner, Kant twist clamp or Panel gripper.

We used 3D CAD models of Siegmund tables and clamps to show professional solutions that you can use.


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