Gantry Crane design – DIY Gantry Crane 10 tons

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3D assembly with complete mechanism + 2D CAD DWG drawings
Standarized parts as bearings, screws, washers inside project folder.
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DWG: Run any DWG file (AutoCAD, ZWCAD, Inventor, DWG viewer etc.)

Available sets of CAD documentations:



10 tons Gantry Crane design – DIY Gantry crane

3D CAD models, 2D DWG drawings and pdf prints – production technical documentation for download

Heavy gantry crane designed for transport heavy weights. Placed on train rails. Electrical chain hoist YSS-1000 , manual moving. Steel welded frame.

Heavy gantry crane design description

  • product for transporting weights up to 10[t]
  • YSS-1000 electrical chain hoist 15[t]  from Cheng Day Ltd. 
  • train rail
  • fixed chain hoist (without horizontal movement)

DIY Gantry crane drawings & 3D CAD models description

Gantry crane design was created by in Autodesk Inventor ,version 2014. With this CAD technical docmentation everyone can DIY gantry crane, calculated on 10 tons. Gantry crane DWG drawings documentation is fully complemented by technological guidelines for machining and welding of steel structures. For smaller loads, we designed a workshop gantry for 500 kg with  manual chain winch.

  • 3D Inventor 2014 assembly + 2D DWG files – complete set of documentation – .zip file 120,5[MB)
  • main assembly contains: 105 individual solid 3D parts
  • 2D Inventor assembly DWG drawings – 28 sheets in 22 Inventor DWG files
  • 3D STEP + 3D STL + 3D DWF – 3 files – .zip file 10[MB)
  • gantry crane drawings 2D DWG (2004) -28 AutoCAD sheets in 28 DWG files – .zip file 12[MB)
  • 2D PDF – 28 sheets in 22 PDF files – .zip file 5 [MB)


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